Type WK-D-EL


  • Convective chilled ceiling elements
  • Attractive elliptically shaped profiles
  • Optional integration of air terminal devices and lights
  • Also with mineral fibreboard for sound absorption
  • Can be installed above open grid ceilings
  • Project bespoke design

The convective chilled ceiling elements type WK-D-EL in the elliptical shape can be used for open transfer or in connection with the open grid ceilings as visually sophisticated convective chilled ceiling.

The convection is approximately 70 % and 30 % radiation portion. Due to the high convection very high internal heat loads can be dissipated, where the energy benefits come through the medium of water here are particularly felt. With additional open grid ceilings of the effective free area should be as large as possible, to maintain the high efficiency of convective chilled ceiling.

The convective chilled ceiling elements type WK-D-EL consist of thermal conduction,made from extruded aluminum profiles, provided with pressed-in copper pipe. The hollow, curved shape of the lamella is an attractive cover design and brings very high cooling capacities.

Special designs such as tilting modules, combinations with air diffusers, etc. are possible.


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More than 30,000 TROX chilled beams of DID300B type


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